my first "hello" from Hertfordshire

Hey guys,


it's been a while. I arrived at wednesday and I had to wait like forever to be taken to our rooms. BUT, once I had arrived I was really glad to recognize that the room is actually pretty nice.

Meanwhile I have met all off my flatmates - they are really nice (fun fact: two are from Ireland). Yesterday I attended my first house party. They sure do know how to party around here!

Wednesday evening we had "free food night" which was good since we didn't get to go to a supermarket and were really starving.

Thursday we had to sit it to a lot of talks.... the WHOLE DAY! But in the evening we went bowling, I did make a strike and ended up second place! - YAY. But the more important thing is, I have met some really nice people from all over the world (such as Susan, Pakistan, Singapore, France and so on). Another funny thing is that nobody wants to believe that I am German. They all think I am American.... I must really have adapted that accent....

Yesterday I finally registered myself and went the Gallaria which is a big shopping center here. I bought a simcard which really was a good deal, I think. So for all of you who want to go to UK, pick the simcard of company "Three".

If you want to get anywhere around university, you really need to walk alot, but that's fine. I just had to get use to wear flat shoes again.

Right now, I am about to leave to go to Cambridge. The trip will be the whole day.


Later guys,




21.1.12 10:00


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