Easter vacation....

... are almost over. I spent a few relaxing days mixed with doing some work for the uni.

I had a really nice Easter as well together with some friends from Germany, Rumania and Pakistan. We painted eggs and hid them traditionally. After searching for ages (the guys really know how to hide eggs), we did egg fights and had a really nice brunch with cookies, bread, muffins, eggs and a tradtional dish from Pakistan made from sweet potatoes. It is nice to find new friends and it almost makes up for not sharing these days with my family.

After Easter, a friend from Germany (Sandra) came over to London and we met there. It was a beautiful day. We went to the Victoria and Albans Museum, had lunch and went shopping.


Well guys, now it's time to buckle up and get working again. Lately I have figured out how to process thoughts during sleep. Let's see if that's repeatable.

Right now, I am working on sme assignments and listen to BN-radio, a new radio channel I discovered.


Well, anyways, 

take care guys, I miss you a lot!






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Things have been...

... very stressful lately. I have lots of assignments to do, so I spend most of my time in the library....


Well one week left until the easter break. I will still have a lot to do, but it won't be that stressful.


The Salsapreformance has been postponed, but I might attend a merengue-flashmop. It is for a good cause, so I'll probably join.

The weather is really nice, It is warm and the sun is shining.


Well, I'll talk to you soon. For now, I got to focus on my assignments again.




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Hey there!

How are you guys?

I am doing good. I am enjoying a rather quiet weeked hanging out with the girls, doing laundry and so on.

Salsa practice is getting more fun from session to session. I am really enjoying it!

Last weekend  I visited Stonehenge and Bath which was a very cold but beautiful experience. The weather was really bad and we got really wet but it was nicce seeing Stonehenge.

In Bath we had a tour and visited the Roman Baths which was actually really interesting and beautiful.

This last weeks were (besides that) just about doing my assignments. It's actually a alot right now and I need to focus on that now!

Next weekend my parents are coming to London and I will meet them there. I am looking forward to see them! I'll be a fun weekend.

Now, I gotta run since the dryer should be about to be ready.




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Hey there...

... I hope you guys had a good week so far.

Today I will have two presentations that will be graded.... I am pretty nervous and I hope I am well prepared.

I signed up for a lot of things. I will attend a discussion about paranormal movies, go to a Salsa club, going to a club in London and Stonehenge in the next few weeks.

I also signed up to be part in a Salsa show. What I didn't know when I signed up.... I will be danceing up front!! I am very nervous, but also excited to be part of this!

Last Sunday I have been to London again. I visited Greenwich, the Tower of London, Fleet Street and the Science Museum. Harrods was closed when we wanted to go there and Westminster Abbey is closed for tourists on sundays, unfortunately.

Right now, I am in the library and I will now start studying again!





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It's been a while...

I know. But myblog obviously had some issues.

Alot has happened. I have been to London again. There I spent a wonderful day with Nici and Verena. We visited Campton Locl Market, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and even got to see Phantom of the Opera which was amazing!

We also did a trip to Oxford on Saturday which was very interersting. We have seen some of the szenary where they have shot Harry Potter!

Besides the whole culturural experience I have to study and read a lot, but I am getting along. Everything seems to be settled now and I can start focusing on actually living here. 

Last night I spent a couple of hours with some of my flatmates in  a pub called Elehouse. I was nice to just relax a bit and chat.

On Sunday I will go to London again (got to use that it's so close, I just love this city!).


I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!




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Winter has arrived

Hey guys,

as most of you gus probably experience as well, it is fuckin' cold!

So far, I had three of my four lectures. I am pretty confident that I have chosen the right modules (finally).

Tuesday was girls night and apparently it is a way healthier idea to put chocolate on your face than to put in your tummy.

I am relly looking forward to the next weeks and I am waiting desperatly for feeling of being settled in... time will come!




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Saint Albans

Hey everyone,

last sunday, I did a trip to Saint Albans which is only 20 minutes away if you take the bus. It's a pretty famous city around here and there are some special things to visit.

The cathedrale in Saint Albans is just beautiful!  And, obviously, it is not very common for young people to visit the church since a guy (working in/for the cathedrale) asked us if we are ok and was suprised when we answered that we were just looking around and enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the cathedrale.

I also lightet a candle to remember my grand-grandmother, ,my grandfather and the aunt of my father.

By the way - the "we" are Nici, Verena and I.

We also visited a little cupcake shop - it was so cute. I did feel a little like a doll in there.

Besides some other cultural stuff, we also went shopping for some supplies in the 99p shop.


 Yesterday was cooking night (our little monday tradition). We had Chili con Carne with baguette and sour cream. It was really good and cuddly since the kitchen is not made for 11 people.


That's it for now!

Hugs, Anna

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