Geeks & Nerds Party - what else?

Hey fellows,

Well, what's new...

Last night was Geeks & Nerds Party. Everyone dressed according to the theme and it was an awesome night. I met a lot of new people - even looking totally ridiculous with my big glasses. There was even a pretty famous girl band (within Britain they are pretty famous).

Before the party I went to a preparty with my flatmates. It was really nice.


Let's see, what else is new. I had to change my courses AGAIN. My classes start on Monday and I still don't have my timetable, yet...

Two new guys from Africa moved in - Kennedy and Victor. They are nice, but their accent is giving me a hard time understanding them.


I really start getting settled in, which is nice. I cook on a regular basis, know where I have to go pretty much and start building up a good social live. Next weekend we might even go to Scotland - let's see.




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London and Cambridge

Hey guys,

since I didn't tell you much about my trip to Cambridge and London, I want to tell you quite a few things.

In Cambridge, I visited the university and some other building that were quite nice to look at. I spend the day with some friends and we even got to see a tree that is related to the tree, Isaac Newton sat under and discovered gravity. We also had a drink in the pub, Sherlock Holmes and Watson tended to do their thinking. We had to walk a lot that day and it was raining, but it was still a lot of fun with the guys. I even got to buy some fruits!

In London, the we day we spent there was even more amazing. I experienced some very rememberable moments there.  At Buckingham Palace, we saw a little parade and at Trafalgar Square, we saw a little show. But the things that amazed me the most were little things. It was so peaceful to stand on one of the bridges and watch the sund go down behind all the clouds, it was so overwhelming to go inside the little rainforest store and see the alligator (not real, but it did move) or the three of the movie "Pocahontas" and also to find a M&Ms shop that was huge. We did a lot of funny pictures that day.


All of the experiences I did and will do bnow - I will never forget. And, although, I really miss you guys, it is an important part of my life and the right place to experience new things. And just knowing that makes it easier.


Love, Anna

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thank you guys....

For all the sweet messages! hugs!

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london and induction week

Hi guys. london was AWESOME. I have seen a lot of great things and we (saad, haamza, obi, tellal and I) had a lot of fun. I took like 200 pictures or more. this week is induction week. in a few minutes I will meet my tutor. I hope I will get my timetable soon because it is not up in studynet, yet. well, that's it for now. love, anna

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my first "hello" from Hertfordshire

Hey guys,


it's been a while. I arrived at wednesday and I had to wait like forever to be taken to our rooms. BUT, once I had arrived I was really glad to recognize that the room is actually pretty nice.

Meanwhile I have met all off my flatmates - they are really nice (fun fact: two are from Ireland). Yesterday I attended my first house party. They sure do know how to party around here!

Wednesday evening we had "free food night" which was good since we didn't get to go to a supermarket and were really starving.

Thursday we had to sit it to a lot of talks.... the WHOLE DAY! But in the evening we went bowling, I did make a strike and ended up second place! - YAY. But the more important thing is, I have met some really nice people from all over the world (such as Susan, Pakistan, Singapore, France and so on). Another funny thing is that nobody wants to believe that I am German. They all think I am American.... I must really have adapted that accent....

Yesterday I finally registered myself and went the Gallaria which is a big shopping center here. I bought a simcard which really was a good deal, I think. So for all of you who want to go to UK, pick the simcard of company "Three".

If you want to get anywhere around university, you really need to walk alot, but that's fine. I just had to get use to wear flat shoes again.

Right now, I am about to leave to go to Cambridge. The trip will be the whole day.


Later guys,




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One day left

It came faster than expected... my last day here in Germany for the next few months.

It's hard to let all your loved ones behind, but it's als so exciting to experience a new chapter in my life. And to know that all of my friends and my familiy support me is a huge help.

I think it's normal to sit down and think about what will happen tomorrow, but I am pretty sure that I have no idea.

At least most of the issues such as accomodation, payments and first appointments are solved and so I only have to survive the flight. But I am very confident that it will work out fine.

Luggage is ready, most of the good-byes are said..... it's a new challenge, but hey, bring it on! I am ready!




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My room

Finally, I received the confirmation that I have a room! That's such a relief!

Room 3 is now mine!



Love, Anna

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