Things to bring

Luckily, I do not need to bring any bedclothes, they will be provided by the accommodation office. Towels, well I think I'll bring one or two and will by some when I get there.

 A good and cheap market is supposed to be near by - that's a good thing indeed.


I also tried to collect information concerning mobile and internet. Internet will be provided from university and my tutor advised me to take care for mobile concerns when I get there.


I still have no confirmation where I will stay and it's driving me nuts. But hey, at least some information come accross.


I received a mail with the task to "confirm my place", but without a room, I can't fill out the form. I worte an email to the office, hopefully they will respond soon.


Now, I will focus on the final oral exam of my apprenticeship that will take place tomorrow.




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My first week

I received several information concerning my first week in Hertfordshire.

One of my collegues already got the approval that he has a room, I propably still have to wait because I arrive at another time.

 But anyhow, I know what I will do in the first week:

On my first two days there will be some Welcoming Events.  This will be Thursday and Friday.

On Monday, I will meet my programm tutor, Mr. Rosier.
Tuesday, I will receive some information concerning me being an Erasmus Student. Due to the fact that there will be two sessions devided by last names (A-L and M-Z) I have to deal with this by myself and without the boys.

On Wednesday, we will be informed about student support, plagiarism and collution. Apparently the last two things aren't allowed in the UK, either.

Thursday, I will finally register myself as an Erasmus Student and will have the change to meet the other Erasmus Students that are registered for this semester. I am really excited to meet new people from all over the world!


Today is Christmas. So Merry Christmas to you all! And especially to my parents, since the blog is their Christmas present.


Love, Anna

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Apparantly, the mentality of other countries concerning the time to know where you are going to live is different.

I'll be leaving in  35 days and yet, the only thing I know is that my application has arrived and that my data is being typed into the system.

Big  YAY....

Well, that seems to be part of experiencing another culture.

I will be informed about the kind of room, I'll be living in and where it is going to be, in January.

At least, I got the confirmation, that I'll be picked up at the airport and that I get the chance to attend the orientation week programme.


Keep u posted!

Love, Anna


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What's up with this blog?

Hey guys,


due to the fact that a big an exciting chapter of my life is coming up, I decided to start blogging about it.

In 36 days, I'll be leaving to spend several months in Hertfordshire.

Although I am really looking forward to this, I also have to deal with missing all of my friends.

Well, but first of all, I need to survive two exams and other university stuff to get there.


Love you guys,



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