Things to bring

Luckily, I do not need to bring any bedclothes, they will be provided by the accommodation office. T... weiterlesen

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My room

Finally, I received the confirmation that I have a room! That's such a relief!Room 3 is now mine!&nb... weiterlesen

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One day left

It came faster than expected... my last day here in Germany for the next few months.It's hard to let... weiterlesen

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my first "hello" from Hertfordshire

Hey guys, it's been a while. I arrived at wednesday and I had to wait like forever to be taken ... weiterlesen

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london and induction week

Hi guys. london was AWESOME. I have seen a lot of great things and we (saad, haamza, obi, tellal... weiterlesen

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thank you guys....

For all the sweet messages! hugs!... weiterlesen

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London and Cambridge

Hey guys,since I didn't tell you much about my trip to Cambridge and London, I want to tell you quit... weiterlesen

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