One day left

It came faster than expected... my last day here in Germany for the next few months.

It's hard to let all your loved ones behind, but it's als so exciting to experience a new chapter in my life. And to know that all of my friends and my familiy support me is a huge help.

I think it's normal to sit down and think about what will happen tomorrow, but I am pretty sure that I have no idea.

At least most of the issues such as accomodation, payments and first appointments are solved and so I only have to survive the flight. But I am very confident that it will work out fine.

Luggage is ready, most of the good-byes are said..... it's a new challenge, but hey, bring it on! I am ready!




17.1.12 16:49


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Manuel (18.1.12 03:53)
Happy freezing in the plane. I hope you´ll have a good flight and stressless first days on the island.

(19.1.12 15:03)
Hi Anna,
one day since you left, I miss you, but I`am lucky that everything is fine in GB. Have a great time,

Love you


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