Geeks & Nerds Party - what else?

Hey fellows,

Well, what's new...

Last night was Geeks & Nerds Party. Everyone dressed according to the theme and it was an awesome night. I met a lot of new people - even looking totally ridiculous with my big glasses. There was even a pretty famous girl band (within Britain they are pretty famous).

Before the party I went to a preparty with my flatmates. It was really nice.


Let's see, what else is new. I had to change my courses AGAIN. My classes start on Monday and I still don't have my timetable, yet...

Two new guys from Africa moved in - Kennedy and Victor. They are nice, but their accent is giving me a hard time understanding them.


I really start getting settled in, which is nice. I cook on a regular basis, know where I have to go pretty much and start building up a good social live. Next weekend we might even go to Scotland - let's see.




28.1.12 18:05


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