Saint Albans

Hey everyone,

last sunday, I did a trip to Saint Albans which is only 20 minutes away if you take the bus. It's a pretty famous city around here and there are some special things to visit.

The cathedrale in Saint Albans is just beautiful!  And, obviously, it is not very common for young people to visit the church since a guy (working in/for the cathedrale) asked us if we are ok and was suprised when we answered that we were just looking around and enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the cathedrale.

I also lightet a candle to remember my grand-grandmother, ,my grandfather and the aunt of my father.

By the way - the "we" are Nici, Verena and I.

We also visited a little cupcake shop - it was so cute. I did feel a little like a doll in there.

Besides some other cultural stuff, we also went shopping for some supplies in the 99p shop.


 Yesterday was cooking night (our little monday tradition). We had Chili con Carne with baguette and sour cream. It was really good and cuddly since the kitchen is not made for 11 people.


That's it for now!

Hugs, Anna

31.1.12 12:49


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