Hey there...

... I hope you guys had a good week so far.

Today I will have two presentations that will be graded.... I am pretty nervous and I hope I am well prepared.

I signed up for a lot of things. I will attend a discussion about paranormal movies, go to a Salsa club, going to a club in London and Stonehenge in the next few weeks.

I also signed up to be part in a Salsa show. What I didn't know when I signed up.... I will be danceing up front!! I am very nervous, but also excited to be part of this!

Last Sunday I have been to London again. I visited Greenwich, the Tower of London, Fleet Street and the Science Museum. Harrods was closed when we wanted to go there and Westminster Abbey is closed for tourists on sundays, unfortunately.

Right now, I am in the library and I will now start studying again!





23.2.12 12:54


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(23.2.12 14:20)
Hi Anna,
I`ll be with you in the presentation but I thing you are well prepared und you will do it quite good. So thinking af you!


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