Hey there!

How are you guys?

I am doing good. I am enjoying a rather quiet weeked hanging out with the girls, doing laundry and so on.

Salsa practice is getting more fun from session to session. I am really enjoying it!

Last weekend  I visited Stonehenge and Bath which was a very cold but beautiful experience. The weather was really bad and we got really wet but it was nicce seeing Stonehenge.

In Bath we had a tour and visited the Roman Baths which was actually really interesting and beautiful.

This last weeks were (besides that) just about doing my assignments. It's actually a alot right now and I need to focus on that now!

Next weekend my parents are coming to London and I will meet them there. I am looking forward to see them! I'll be a fun weekend.

Now, I gotta run since the dryer should be about to be ready.




10.3.12 16:20


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