Easter vacation....

... are almost over. I spent a few relaxing days mixed with doing some work for the uni.

I had a really nice Easter as well together with some friends from Germany, Rumania and Pakistan. We painted eggs and hid them traditionally. After searching for ages (the guys really know how to hide eggs), we did egg fights and had a really nice brunch with cookies, bread, muffins, eggs and a tradtional dish from Pakistan made from sweet potatoes. It is nice to find new friends and it almost makes up for not sharing these days with my family.

After Easter, a friend from Germany (Sandra) came over to London and we met there. It was a beautiful day. We went to the Victoria and Albans Museum, had lunch and went shopping.


Well guys, now it's time to buckle up and get working again. Lately I have figured out how to process thoughts during sleep. Let's see if that's repeatable.

Right now, I am working on sme assignments and listen to BN-radio, a new radio channel I discovered.


Well, anyways, 

take care guys, I miss you a lot!






14.4.12 01:08


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